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Triple Credit Score and Triple Credit Report

If you are considering applying for a loan, getting your triple credit report and triple scores may be the best place to start since they are usually the first thing a potential creditor will check, and even if you pay your bills on time, you need to ensure that all your freescore information is up-to-date and accurate.

Free Triple Score

Depending on whether you are applying for an auto loan, a mortgage loan, or a loan for business or personal use, different lenders may apply different standards in rating your credit worthiness. For this reason, checking your major 3 credit reports and 3 credit scores and understanding how your triple score credit data might be interpreted may give you a chance to make changes that will affect the lenders view.

All 3 Credit Scores

Review your triple report and three credit scores. Check for inaccuracies that could negatively affect your credit rating. Find out why you have been denied or granted credit. Your credit report and free score are used by lenders to determine your credit worthiness. Find out who has been looking at your 3 credit scores lately. It could be credit card issuers, mortgage companies or even your employer. Make sure your credit reports and free triple scores are complete and accurate before you apply for credit. Help protect yourself from possible credit fraud. Review your free scores carefully, any strange accounts or addresses may indicate possible fraud.